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Case Study

A Canadian company was looking to outsource its production. “Our production cost has reached the roof,” said one of senior manager of the company. The CEO of the company was planning his very first trip to visit few manufacturers in China . Without knowing too much about China , we were asked to screen out a few manufacturers to meet and provide our Business Assistance Service.

Analysis and Teamwork
We worked with the client to define the Scope of Work (SOW) that included to screen out few qualified candidate manufacturers and to set up meetings with them. Our in-house team arranged all domestic flights, hotel rooms, ground transportation, meetings and translators. Our business assistant (BA) met with the CEO at the airport and accompanied him to visit a series of manufacturers in various cities. Serving as the business cane to the client, our BA confirmed every business meeting before it took place, and timely informed and cautioned our client what he needed to know.

Our client was very pleased with our business assistance service. We were offered to be the local representative for the client.

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