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Service Offering

Market Research
1.  Market study on Industry – A quick way to understand an       industry's past, current and future
2.  Company profile – Learn a company from inside out
3.  Product and service availability and development – Check
      if requested products or services are available

4. Government policies and regulations – What are rules      governing the business sectors that you are interested
5. Status of license applications and approvals – Check the      current status of applications and forecast possible      outcomes in the near future

Manufacturing and Outsourcing
6. Sourcing suppliers – Find verified quality manufacturers for      requested products
7. Quote on products, drawings – Find the cost of products      manufactured in China

8. Identify a list of qualified buyers with profiles
9. Identify a list of distributors with profiles

10. Status of key decision makers
11. Opinion on investment opportunities and risks

  Client Service
Information and Channel
Strategy and Implementation
Operation Management
  Information and Channel
Business Assistance
Security Investigation