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Operation Management

China business operation is challenging to many companies. Political, economic, legal and cultural differences often drive people crazy. Bribery, intellectual property infringement, under-table deals, fake accounting reports, cheating on performance, to name a few, are serious dangers to investors and operators. Huge expense of expatriates becomes a heavy-load in the early stage of China business.

Our professional operation management team knows how to deal with those problems. We help clients cross the bridge by managing operations in the early stages of business and hand it over to clients once they are comfortable to manage it on their own. We are the local managing partner to clients.



Managed by Victorway Team

As a managing partner, we provide a full range of operation management as listed in the Service Offerings. Clients benefit from our China operation experience and resource built from years of business practice. With good understanding and familiarity of international business conduct, we ensure our clients to have a clear and transparent communication and to feel like it is their own operation arm onsite. With the same goal developed in our relationship, we succeed together.



Joint Team

To clients who have existing China business team, we work with clients' team hand-in-hand. The joint team best leverage both party's resources and expertise. Our clients bring in resources in operations, accounting, finance, technology and training. We provide experience in marketing and sales, strategies, government relations and local business connections, localized manufacturing and legal practice.